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DPL 2022 T15 Tournament : Team Registration

Total Fee is $250 per Team (Please make the payment check payable to "Delaware Premier League" at WSFS bank within a week of registering online.)

DPL 2022 T15 Tournament Team Registration

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Terms and Conditions:

Umpiring: Teams will be assigned umpiring. If they are unable to umpire, then DPL will provide paid umpiring and the team that was assigned to umpire will have to pay the umpires TBD.

Team Jerseys: All players on a team are hereby mandated to play in same color shirts. Would recommend white.

Safety Equipment: Teams and individual players are responsible to bring their own personal safety equipment. And to avoid injuries, players are highly recommended that they wear the necessary personal safety equipment during the matches. DPL will not be liable for any injuries sustained during the run of play.

Home Team Duties: Teams share home setting up the ground will be done by winning team. Other team's help will be appreciated.

IMPORTANT READ: Season Registration Inclusions

  1. REGISTRATION FEE: Registration Fee for each team is $250/- for the tournament.
  2. ROSTER SIZE: Roster size is no more than 15 players.
  3. 3 A player can represent or play for only one team in the tournament. No exceptions allowed.
  4. GAME DAY TEAM SIZE: Games will be played between two teams with eleven (11) members per side.
  5. MAX OVERS PER INNINGS: Each team’s innings will last 15 overs maximum, unless the team loses all its wickets within the stipulated 15 overs.
  6. Player Retirement: Players are not allowed to retire unless otherwise the player has serious injury. If it is obvious a player has a serious injury, then the opposing captain and umpire may consult and permit the player to retire. (We hope common sense from both teams will prevail.)
  7. INNINGS DURATION: Bowling teams will be allotted one (1) hour to finish the stipulated twelve (15) overs. Teams are expected to start and finish their matches on time. There will be 10 minutes break between innings.
  8. MAX OVERS PER BOWLER: Two (2) bowlers can bowl a max of three (3) overs per innings while the rest of the bowlers are allowed to bowl a maximum of two (2) overs per innings. [Our suggestion would be to utilize as many bowlers as possible to allow opportunities for all players].
  9. FREE HIT: All kind of no-balls will be awarded a free hit on the following legal ball. (Umpires need to be fair in awarding a no ball).
  10. FIELD PLACEMENT RESTRICTIONS: Two (2) fielders outside the circle during power plays and 4 fielders outside the circle for rest of the overs (non-powerplay overs).
  11. Powerplays: There will be a total of 4 overs of powerplay. No more than 2 fielders can be outside the 30 yards circle during these powerplay overs.

    11.1 Powerplay 1 (P1) - First two (2) overs of the innings will be considered as mandatory powerplay overs.

    11.2 11.2 Powerplay 2 (P2) - Batting team can choose two (2) more overs of powerplay overs after the 6th over. Basically, the first of the two powerplay overs should be between the 7th and 10th overs. Selected 2 overs would be back to back overs. 7&8 or 8&9 or 9&10, 10&11 or 11&12. Bowling team is allowed to change their bowler if they choose to do so, as soon as the batting team decides to take P2.

  12. Paid umpires will not be provided by the league, unless any team is willing to pay for the paid umpiring. Teams playing the tournament will be assigned umpiring duties and they will need to fulfil their responsibilities. Umpires are required to be fair and ensure high standards.
  13. All umpiring decisions should be considered final. Any kind of argument will not be tolerated. That said, we expect the umpires to be fair and offer a decision keeping in mind the spirit of the game.
  14. TEAM RANKINGS: Teams will be ranked in the qualifiers based on the points awarded during the league phase. If there is a tie, the team with a higher Net Run Rate (NRR) will be placed higher.
  15. The League committee reserves the right to take appropriate action against any team or player in case of a conflict or breach of conduct.
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