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DPL 2019 T20 Tournament : Team Registration

Total Fee is $1500 per Team (Please make the payment check payable to "Delaware Premier League" at WSFS bank within a week of registering online.)

Registration Deadline: February 24, 2019

DPL 2019 T20 Tournament Team Registration

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Terms and Conditions:

Team Jerseys –: All players on a team are hereby mandated to play in a team jersey from the first game of the season. The jersey cannot just be a shirt of the same color of the team jersey but instead every player should be wearing the similar team shirt. So, please ensure you order your team jerseys early enough (we have 3 months to go) to avoid any penalties.

DPL 2019 Second Tournament: There WILL BE a DPL Second Tournament, after the completion of this year’s T20 tournament. Exact details will be sent later.

Home Team Duties: Teams playing the last game of the day share the home team duties to remove all cricket equipment from the ground and store them in the DPL storage sheds.

IMPORTANT READ: Season Registration Inclusions

  1. Registration Begin: Monday, 7th January 2019.
  2. Registration Close: Sunday, 24th February 2019.
  3. Registration Fee: Total Registration fees for the team is $1500 for the 2019 T20 Season.
  4. Payment Details: Total Fee is $1500/- per team.
    Please make the payment check payable to "Delaware Premier League" at WSFS bank within a week of registering online.
  5. For this registration fee, DPL will offer the following:

    5.1 Every team will get to play at least 15 total possible games. The total games include 14 possible regular season games and at least 1 knock-out game. And the total number of games for each team start to increase with each of your team’s win during knock-out games.

    5.2 Teams will not be required to provide umpiring for even a game. In comparison, last year, we requested teams provide umpires for 2 games but none this year.

    5.3 Washed out games will be rescheduled to be played one time. If the rescheduled washed out game is rained out again, then teams share the points. DPL will schedule the rained-out games based on their logistics.

    5.4 Tier 2 Knock-Out gameswill be organized for teams placed 11 – 20 during regular season.

    If any one has any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at via email or call Sid at 917-957-7425 or call Pat at 302-252-5332.
  6. Tournament Start Date: Most probably from Saturday April 20th. Exact details will be sent later.
  7. Tournament Format: TBD (Each team will get a minimum of 14 regular season and 1 knock-out game for a total 15 games excluding any washouts).
  8. Tournament Fee includes: Team registration fee for the season, umpiring, balls needed for all the games (not practice balls), Park Fees & Insurance for both grounds, Tier-2 Knock-out games for non-playoff teams; Morning Home Team duties, Ground and Cricket Equipment, Pitch & Ground Maintenance, Trophies & Awards, Cash Prizesand Season End party at a nominal fee that includes presenting all awards.
  9. Cash Prizes: Cash Prizes for the Winner - $3500/- and Runner-up - $2500/-.
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